Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine

The team of the “Family Medical Centres” carries out the full spectrum of aesthetic and cosmetic medicine procedures at the highest quality standard.

Botox Injections for Dynamic Wrinkles and Sweating

We are specialized in advanced effect “Botulinum Toxine Type A” treatments, using sophisticated injection techniques and combining it with other methods of aesthetic medicine. It is also possibly to reduce excessive sweating and muscle spasms very effectively.

Hyaluronic Acid Soft Tissue Fillers

A treatment that smoothens out wrinkles and scars.
We use only the best products and can combine it with other methods that improve your facial expressions and make you look healthier, fresher and younger.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (Vampire Lift)

A treatment that uses the part of your own blood plasma, which is particularly rich in platelets. The platelets encourage skin rejuvenation and improve the tone. In addition, the so called Vampire Lift makes the skin glow healthily. It is also a well established method that speeds up the healing process in tendinitis and arthritis.


This treatment uses cold to get rid of unnecessary fat cells and can be a fantastic tool to body shape. The method is evidence based and can with one treatment reduce the subcutaneous fat by 25%. The treatment does not involve needles and has no downtime

Thread Lifting Procedures

We use absorbable suture threads which are implanted to give the facial contours and neck a real lifting effect.


This is a micro-needling treatment which has been used for many years very
successfully in the cosmetic and orthopaedic field. It works well to hydrate and tone the skin, can help hair loss, non healing wounds and can be used to alleviate pain.

Hyperbaric Intravenous Ozone Injections

We use the latest state of the art technology from Germany to carry out intravenous or cutaneous Ozone treatments. Ozone in medicalised form improves the healing of complicated wounds, stimulates the immune system, works relaxing and vitalizing at the same time and has a very positive effect on the aesthetic appearance of your skin.

Removal of unsightly skin lesions with Cryopen

Age spots and blemishes are not necessarily dangerous but can irritate and look unsightly. We are able to remove these with the latest generation cryotherapy.

High Dose Intravenous Vitamin Infusions

High dosage vitamins can improve your immune system and your fitness level significantly.

Skin Cancer Surgery

We carry out the removal of unsightly lumps and bumps but our special interest and expertise is in skin cancer surgery. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr. Iberico Nogueira uses minimally invasive surgical methods that guarantee you the best aesthetic outcome.

Lifestyle and Weight loss Programs

We are great believers in the philosophy of “prevention is better than cure” and
“you are what you eat”. We have experts in this field who are enthusiastic to help you improve your health with lifestyle measures.

Stem cell treatment

In partnership with Wellbeing International, Harley St. London, we can provide this most exciting new treatment of truly regenerative medicine.

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